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We offer residential and commercial cleaning service that will leave everywhere clean and shiny. When we clean we leave your home or office spotless. At Quickcleanup Full Service Cleaning, we are here to serve you.

• Our Promise—We promise that when we are done, you will be so pleased with our commercial cleaning service you will recommend us to your friends who have business places that need a thorough clean. We make your office comfortable for both staff and customers. We don’t leave any dirt behind. Call now for more details!

• Professional Residential Cleaning—When you want to get the dirt and grime out of your house, there is no other cleaning service that can do it as fast and thoroughly as we can. Whether your home is big or small, we can help you give it a thorough professional clean.

• Friendly, Affordable Service—Our service is affordable and reliable. Whether it is office cleaning or home cleaning, we realize that keeping your surroundings clean is a top priority. A dirty office can make staff uncomfortable and may even cause illness. It also turns away customers who may otherwise do business with you. A dirty home is unhealthy for anyone, especially children. We clean your home thoroughly for you if you can’t do it yourself.

We are proud to be the best cleaning service in Juneau. We are unapologetic about going the distance to keep our customers satisfied. We will outdo the competition every time. We are unbeatable when it comes to cleaning. Trust us with your home or office and you will not be disappointed.

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